I wrote ‘FU’ on her back (chalk is dust but lotion sinks)

3 images of the same face - one in black and white, two in colour. (female, white skinned, dark messy hair, 40 something)  Skin greasy with sun lotion, and a medical mask covering nose and mouth. Eyes closed. On the forehead is written in white chalk pen; 'I WROTE FUCK YOU ON HER BACK'  The other 2 images show the same face, one with eyes open and the other without the face mask.
I wrote FU on her back (chalk is dust but lotion sinks)

Skin, sun lotion, chalk and cloth.

A series of photographs. Selfies. skin, sun lotion, chalk and cloth.

Referencing ideas of public shaming and retribution, but also accountability and ownership. (These images also reference an episode in my own life – 20 years ago now)

Lines of chalk on a board to instil learning. Crimes etched in skin. Police mugshots. Masking our true nature or identity. What can be brushed off like dust and what sinks into our skin indelibly?  What happens if we subvert the protective qualities of lotion that covers our skin, or of skin itself?

How can we understand what ally-ship is? What does it mean to take ownership of our own actions and the consequences of them? How do we enact justice in our lives and who do we offer peace and belonging to?  What do we insist is worn publicly and what may be hidden or brushed off? Who is allowed to hide and who do we expose?

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